A package that runs synchronous PHP functions asynchronously.

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A simple PHP library that runs your synchronous PHP functions asynchronously.


  • PHP 7.2 or higher


PHP is a largely synchronous (blocking) runtime. Asynchrony - achievable via ReactPHP and other similar suites - is a potent approach to mitigating the arduousness of I/O operations that feature prominently in day-to-day programming. Melding blocking and non-blocking routines in PHP can be a tricky proposition: when attempted haphazardly, it can yield unsightly outcomes.

The impetus for creating and maintaining asyncify is combining blocking and non-blocking PHP. Built atop ReactPHP, asyncify is a tool that allows one to run blocking PHP functions in an event-driven I/O environment.


Though it is possible to clone the repo, Composer remains the best tool for installing asyncify. To install the package via Composer, type the following in a console of your choosing.

$ composer require chemem/asyncify


If you want to take a Functional Programming approach, facilitated by currying, the example below should suffice.

use React\EventLoop\Loop;
use function Chemem\Asyncify\call;

$call = call(Loop::get(), __DIR__);

$exec = $call('file_get_contents', ['foo.txt'])->then(
  function (?string $contents) {
    echo $contents;
  function (\Throwable $err) {
    echo $err->getMessage();


If you prefer a more conventional OOP approach, the snippet below should prove apt.

use React\EventLoop\Loop;
use Chemem\Asyncify\Async;

$exec = Async::create(Loop::get())
  ->call('file_get_contents', ['foo.txt'])
    function (?string $contents) {
      echo $contents;
    function (\Throwable $err) {
      echo $err->getMessage();

Though both examples in the antecedent text utilize the new default loop, the old standard with the Factory::create() and $loop->run() artifacts is still supported.

Note: The examples directory contains more nuanced uses of the library that I recommend you check out.

API Reference


class Async {

  /* Methods */
  public static create( LoopInterface $loop [, ?string $rootDir = null ] ) : Async;
  public function call( string $function [, array $args ] ) : PromiseInterface;

Async::__construct - Creates a new Async object instance

Async::call - Asynchronously calls a synchronous (blocking) PHP function


call ( mixed ...$args ) : callable

asyncify ( LoopInterface $loop [, ?string $rootDir [, string $func [, array $args ] ] ] ) : PromiseInterface

call - Curryied version of asyncify (bootstraps asynchronous function calls)

asyncify - Runs a synchronous PHP function asynchronously

Dealing with problems

Endeavor to create an issue on GitHub when the need arises or send an email to


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