This bundle provides helpful api helpers for RESTful API's

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This bundle provides useful features for a symfony based RESTful API.


Install the package via composer:

composer require check24/apitk-header-bundle


Header information

You can easily add information to the response headers by using the HeaderInformation service. These information will automatically be added to the response and prefixed with x-apitk-

public function index(HeaderInformation $headerInformation): array
    $users = $this->getUsers();

    $headerInformation->add('users-count', (string) count($users));

    return $users;

will result in a response header x-apitk-users-count: 15.

Deprecations (apitk-deprecation-bundle)

You can mark actions as deprecated so developers can notice that they have to update their API call to a newer version or to use a whole other endpoint.

see CHECK24/apitk-deprecation-bundle