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Redis distributed locks in PHP

v1.0.9 2017-10-31 15:38 UTC

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Last update: 2020-07-24 20:03:36 UTC


redlock-php - Redis distributed locks in PHP

This library implements the Redis-based distributed lock manager algorithm described on the Redis website.

It relies on Credis for Redis connections. Credis offers a native pure-PHP implementation which will automatically switch to using phpredis for improved performance if it's available.

To create a lock manager:

$servers = [
    ['', 6379, 0.01],
    ['', 6389, 0.01],
    ['', 6399, 0.01],

$redLock = new RedLock($servers);

To acquire a lock:

$lock = $redLock->lock('my_resource_name', 1000);

Where the resource name is an unique identifier of what you are trying to lock and 1000 is the number of milliseconds for the validity time.

The returned value is false if the lock was not acquired (you may try again), otherwise an array representing the lock is returned, having three keys:

    [validity] => 9897.3020019531
    [resource] => my_resource_name
    [token] => 53771bfa1e775
  • validity, an integer representing the number of milliseconds the lock will be valid.
  • resource, the name of the locked resource as specified by the user.
  • token, a random token value which is used to safe reclaim the lock.

To release a lock:


It is possible to setup the number of retries (by default 3) and the retry delay (by default 200 milliseconds) used to acquire the lock.