Provides functionality to upload COS (Cheque Outsourcing Services) files.

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Last update: 2023-05-27 12:25:56 UTC


Helper functions to deal with COS (Cheque Outsourcing Services). Generates files based on payment entries. UOB and HSBC supported at the moment. Look at the files under the documentation/ folder for the original documents from UOB and HSBC.


Via Composer

$ composer require chalcedonyt/laravel-cos-processor

Creating an Adapter

Create an adapter that implements Chalcedonyt\\COSProcessor\\Adapter\\BeneficiaryAdapterInterface. This should translate your model into the attributes that will be used in the COS entries. Refer to Chalcedonyt\\COSProcessor\\Adapter\\ExampleBeneficiaryAdapter for an example.


php artisan vendor:publish should publish a cos_processor.php into the config folder. Edit this with the configuration options for your account. Change "beneficiary_adapter" to the class of the adapter you created earlier.

Usage - Generating a file to upload

Call the relevant COSUploadProcessorFactory subclass and pass in your data, and the config key.

$beneficiaries = TestPayment::all();
$cos = HSBCCOSUploadProcessorFactory::createCsvString($beneficiaries, 'cos_processor.hsbc_example');
echo $cos;

Usage - Processing a result file from HSBC

HSBC COS will return a csv file with the results of a COS upload. Refer to tests/ifile_result.csv for an example. You can process this file into an array of COSResult with the following code:

//the first line is the Header
$handle = fopen( __DIR__ ."/ifile_result.csv", "r");
$index = 0;
$results = [];
while (($line = fgets($handle)) !== false) {
    if( $index++ !== 0){
        $adapter = new HSBCCOSResultAdapter($line);
        $results[] = $adapter -> getCosResult();


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.