Contao 4/5 LTS calendar extension bundle. Better recurring events and exceptions.

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Contao 4 & 5 LTS Calendar Extension

This bundle adds more calendar functionality to Contao.

  • better repeaters
  • event exceptions
  • vacations


Run the following command in your project directory:

composer require cgoit/calendar-extended-bundle


Starting with version 2 of this bundle some features are not supported any more.

Feature Description
Event Registration This bundle does NOT support event registrations any more. You can use other bundles like inspiredminds/contao-event-registration for this purpose
Frontend editing in FullCalendar This feature is NOT supported any more
FullCalendar Upgrade FullCalendar was upgraded to version 6.1. So no more dependency to JQuery exists.

Upgrade from version 1.x

If you want to upgrade from version 1 run the contao:migrate script. In the first step do all the database updates without any deletes. This ensures that all migrations can run after the first round of migration. If you are really sure that version 2 is working for you, you can run all the deletes via the contao:migrate script.

Contao 5 support

Starting with version 2 of this bundle Contao 5 is supported. Many things have been refactored in this version, many classes have been split or moved and the complete approach of handling things has changed. Therefore, the chance that something does not yet work 100% is quite high. I therefore recommend that all Contao 4 users check very carefully whether version 2 works the way they want it to. Alternatively, version 1 can continue to be used for Contao 4.


As usual you can configure some stuff via config.yml. The default configuration is as follows:

# Default configuration for extension with alias: "cgoit_calendar_extended"

    # The maximum number an event is repeated. Default: 365.
    max_repeat_count:     365

        # The maximum number of repeat exceptions for an event. Default: 250.
        max_count:            250

        # The range of days for the move date option. 14 means from -14 days to 14 days. Default: 7.
        move_days:            7

            # The start time for the move time option. Default: 00:00.
            from:                 '00:00'

            # The end time for the move time option. Default: 23:59.
            to:                   '23:59'

            # The interval in minutes for the move time option. Default: 15.
            interval:             15

    # Define which fields of an event should be available as filter. Default: ['title', 'location_name', 'location_str', 'location_plz'].

        # Defaults:
        - title
        - location_name
        - location_str
        - location_plz

        # Examples:
        # - title
        # - location_name
        # - location_str
        # - location_plz