This Onepage Bundle add a one page navigation module to Contao Open Source CMS. No jQuery required!

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With this bundle you can easily add a onepage navigation to your website. No jQuery required!


This bundle is currently under development. You can use it at your own risk! A stable version will be available soon. Of course you can submit issues and feature requests on the repository issue section. Thx!

How to install

Contao Managed Edition

With the awesome Contao Manager

  1. Search in the Contao Manager search bar the bundle wr/onepage-bundle and click on the install button.
  2. Go to the install tool and update the database. Then login into the back end.

Without the awesome Contao Manager

Run in your project folder the following Composer command to add the Onepage Bundle to your project:

    composer require wr/onepage-bundle

Clear the cache and warmup the cache with the following two commands:

    vendor/bin/contao-console cache:clear --no-warmup
    vendor/bin/contao-console cache:warmup

Go to the install tool and update the database. Then login into the back end.


  • php: ^7.1
  • contao/core-bundle: ^4.4


The onepage bundle is published under the LGPLv3.


Go to the documentation

Zur Dokumentation (DE)

Contact and Support

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