0.9.0 2022-11-01 01:45 UTC


A library of PHP classes for common tasks.

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  • Categorized classes for different basic tasks
    • File and Folder indexing
    • File Handling (CSV, iCal, INI, JSON, vCard, YAML, XML etc.)
    • HTTP & FTP handling
    • CLI handling
    • HTML & image
    • Data types and algorithms
  • Class names with namespaces
  • Typed properties
  • Types method arguments
  • Code quality
    • PHPStan level 9 complete + extra strict rules
    • Rector 7.4 rule set complete
    • PHPUnit 9.5 & some unit tests
  • Composer scripts for development


Installing the library via composer and packagist.

composer require ceus-media/common


require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

$atomDateTime = CeusMedia\Common\Net\AtomTime::get();
print 'Atom Time: '.$atomDateTime->format( DATE_COOKIE ).PHP_EOL;

This will show the current Atom Time.

Example script

require_once 'vendor/autoload.php';

use CeusMedia\Common\Alg\Time\DurationPhraser;
use CeusMedia\Common\FS\File;

$file = new File( __FILE__ );

$timeRangePhrases = [
    0       => '{s} seconds',
    60      => '{m} minutes',
    3600    => '{h} hours',
    24*3600 => 'ages'

$phraser	= DurationPhraser::fromArray( $timeRangePhrases );
$duration	= $phraser->getPhraseFromTimestamp( $file->getTime() );

echo vsprintf( 'This file (%s) has been modified %s ago.'.PHP_EOL, [
] );

This will show the age of this script file.
From here, you could use the DurationPhraser on other entity timestamps, like a comment, stored in a database. Also, this example shows basic file access.
This is really just the tip of the iceberg.

Migration from 0.8.x

During migrating older projects, based on version 0.8.x, you can enable a backwards compatibility mode:

require 'vendor/ceus-media/common/src/compat8.php';

But you should not do this in production to have the best performance.