RFC3597 support for Net_DNS2

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This package adds support for unsupported RR types (as described in RFC3597) to Net_DNS2.

Normally, Net_DNS2 will throw an exception if it parses a response packet and sees a record that it doesn't have a corresponding Net_DNS2_RR_* class for. This can cause problems with things like zone file parsing and zone transfers.

Net_DNS2_RFC3597 resolves this problem by replacing the RR type registries in Net_DNS2_Lookups with objects (based on ArrayIterator), which will dynamically define a new class for each unsupported RR type that Net_DNS2 sees.

Net_DNS2_RFC3597 also allows you to query for unsupported RR types.


composer require centralnic/net_dns2_rfc3597


  • Net_DNS2 which may be installed using a vendor pacakge, or using pear or composer

Using Net_DNS2_RFC3597


require 'vendor/autoload.php';


$resolver = new Net_DNS2_Resolver;

$resolver->query('example.com.', 'TYPE1234');


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