Propel behavior that helps you to set a visibility per fields

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The VisibilityBehavior behavior allows you to add visibility column per field and manage visible datas per user role.


Cherry-pick the VisibilityBehavior.php file is src/, put it somewhere, then add the following line to your propel.ini or build.properties configuration file:

propel.behavior.visibility.class = path.to.VisibilityBehavior


Just add the following XML tag in your schema.xml file:

<behavior name="visibility">
    <parameter name="visibilities" value="me, friends, all" />
    <parameter name="default_visibility" value="me" />
    <!-- Hiearchy of visibilities -->
    <parameter name="hierarchy" value="when it's visible for friends it's visible for me" />
    <parameter name="hierarchy" value="when it's visible for all it's visible for friends" />
    <parameter name="hierarchy" value="when it's visible for all it's visible for me" />
    <!-- Choose columns to apply -->
    <parameter name="apply_to" value="my_field, my_other_field" />

    <!-- Optional parameters -->
    <parameter name="with_description" value="true" />

The visibility behavior requires four parameters to work:

  • visibilities: a finite set of visibilities as comma separated values;
  • default_visibility: the initial state, part of set of visibilities;
  • hierarchy: a set of hierarchies. As you can see, you can add as many hierarchy parameters as you want.
  • apply_to: the list of column to apply the visibility behavior

Each hierarchy has to follow this pattern:

when it's visible for VISIBILITY_1 it's visible for VISIBILITY_2