FOSUserBundle integration for Symfony2Admingenerator.

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Symfony2 Admin Generator User Bundle

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This package is a part of the Symfony2 Admin Generator based on YAML configuration and Twig templating.

It will allow you to associate to the FOSUserBundle a base layout configured throw a config in the config.yml

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How to setup

Installation via composer

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1. Download files

Add Admingenerator to your composer.json:

v1.0 branch for Twitter Bootstrap2 styles

"require": {
    "cedriclombardot/admingenerator-user-bundle": "~1.0"

v1.1 branch for Twitter Bootstrap3 styles

"require": {
    "cedriclombardot/admingenerator-user-bundle": "~1.1"

Then run php composer.phar update command.

Note: The branches reflect branches of AdmingeneratorGeneratorBundle.

Setup the FOSUserBundle

Follow the bundle documentation : https://github.com/FriendsOfSymfony/FOSUserBundle/blob/master/Resources/doc/index.md

Enable the bundle in AppKernel

 $bundles = array(
    // ....
    new Admingenerator\UserBundle\AdmingeneratorUserBundle(),

Configure the base layout to use for the login form

In config.yml

     login_template: AdmingeneratorGeneratorBundle::base_admin.html.twig

Use the twig extension in your projects :

{% extends_my_configured_layout 'admingenerator.user_login_template' %}

Will be the same as :

{% extends 'The value of the container paramater admingenerator.user_login_template' %}