Script to merge Github pull requests, which have enough +1 votes


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Simple script that checks pull requests on a repository on Github and pulls them if they satisfy certain requirements.

By default these requirements are:

  1. the sum of +1 and -1 is at least 3
  2. there are no [B] blocker comments
  3. the request is mergeable
  4. (optionally) all build statuses are OK


composer.phar create-project cdamian/plus-pull

Command Line Usage

Check pull requests:

check [-p|--pull] [-l|--limit="..."] [config-file]

 config-file           Path of the yaml configuration file (default: "config.yml")

 --pull (-p)           Pull the request if all conditions are met
 --limit (-l)          Maximum numbers of pull (default: 1)

Create a new github authorization token:

token:create [--note="..."]

 --note                Note for the authorization token on github (default: "plus-push")

Configuration File

With the config file you can set the github authorization username and password or an github authorizisation token.

The other section sets the repository owner and name and you can change the defaults for needed votes, if status will be checked and voter whitelist.

You have also the option to automatically add labels for keywords found in the comments. In the example below we will add the label 'blocked' with the given color if we see '[B]' in one of the comments. The label will be created if it doesn't exist.

    username: christofdamian
    password: secret
    token: githubtoken

        username: christofdamian
        name: test
        status: true
        required: 3
        whitelist: [ christofdamian ]
        wait: 300
        mergemode: merge
                name: blocked
                color: eb6420
                hook: '[B]'


We are using a similar script at work, which was started by @adriacidre . This is a complete rewrite though to make it easier to add further features.

Label support by @ifosch