Lumen Framework Rest API Boilerplate using JWT AUTH

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License PHP8 LUMEN8.X

This is a boilerplate for lumen 8.x if you are using lumen to write REST api it will help you.

This project use:

Write some easy APIs.

Checkout my other repo that is focused on reply to this template but using graphql lumen-graphql-api-template

Feel free to make a pull request and make this repo better :D


  • docker
  • phpunit validation

Main Features

Document your API

apidoc -i App/Http/Controller/Api/v1 -o public/apidoc

Use Artisan Generators

By default lumen does't support the useful laravel/artisan generators and using this extension we can use this comands executing a "dev inclusive" composer install.


php artisan make:model MyModel



1 Install the project

Using GIT

git clone https://github.com/marco-gallegos/lumen-rest-api-template.git new_api
cd new_api
composer install
cp .env.example .env
php artisan jwt:secret

Using Composer

composer create-project --stability dev cbxtechcorp/lumen-rest-api-template new_api

2 configre your project

Now give to your project access tou your database and create the users table whit a test user.

vim .env
    configure your database access
    key:generate is abandoned in lumen, so do it yourself
    md5(uniqid()),str_random(32) etc.,maybe use jwt:secret and copy it

php artisan migrate --seed


Serve Your API

php artisan serve
# or
php -S localhost:8000 -t public


In a production server we can omit development packages autoload using this command

composer install --no-dev


We have some routes to start.

  • api/v1/users
  • api/v1/permission


About JWT

There is no session and auth guard in lumen 5.2, so attention config/auth.php. Also user model must implement Tymon\JWTAuth\Contracts\JWTSubject

How to use mail
  • composer require illuminate/mail and guzzlehttp/guzzle
  • register email service in bootstrap/app.php or some provider
  • add mail.php services.php in config, just copy them from laravel
  • add MAIL_DRIVER in env
How to use transformer

transformer is a layer help you format you resource and their relationship.

maybe you can knowstand with this links:

transformer data serizlizer

dingo/api use Fractal to transformer resouses,fractal provider 3 serializer,Array,DataArray,JsonApi.more details at here http://fractal.thephpleague.com/serializers/。DataArray is default.You can set your own serizlizer like this:

see bootstrap/app.php $app['Dingo\Api\Transformer\Factory']->setAdapter(function ($app) { $fractal = new League\Fractal\Manager; // $serializer = new League\Fractal\Serializer\JsonApiSerializer(); $serializer = new League\Fractal\Serializer\ArraySerializer(); // $serializer = new App\Serializers\NoDataArraySerializer(); $fractal->setSerializer($serializer);, return new Dingo\Api\Transformer\Adapter\Fractal($fractal); });

I think default DataArray is good enough.

Check the Original Project

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