Enable MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) for Frontend accounts.

1.1.0 2024-03-12 17:45 UTC


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This extension adds support for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to TYPO3's Frontend.

It has been initially inspired by the extension [codeFareith] Google Authenticator but it has been rewritten and extended as that former extension was not actively maintained anymore. Thanks to the original author Robin "codeFareith" von den Bergen for the inspiration!

Current features

  • Support for Google Authenticator or similar applications (TOTP).
  • Plugin to add/remove TOTP setup to one's profile (fe_users).
  • Support for removing MFA protection for a given user ("administrator mode") as any larger TYPO3 installation will have for sure a few users who will loose/change their phone or access to their MFA application and will need to be helped by an administrator.

Planned features

  • Support for backup codes.
  • Support for other MFA providers (e.g., Yubikey).


GNU Public License