The Castor Standard Library for PHP

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Main repository of the Castor Standard Library.

To install it, simply run:

composer require castor/stdlib

NOTICE: Please note this library is in development and there is no stable version yet.

Why this?

Traditionally, PHP has lacked of a consistent, well-designed standard library. This library is an attempt to provide such feature. Mainly inspired in Go's standard library, this library provides a solid set of abstractions so your PHP projects can evolve and scale well, and nice Object Oriented and functional APIs that are a breeze to use.

Development Setup

Copy the castor.bin to one of your $PATH directories:

sudo cp ./.castor/castor.bin $HOME/.local/bin/castor

Bootstrap the development environment (needs docker and compose plugin):

castor init

Once bootstrapped, the castor tool provides easy access to many different things. This is what you can do:

  • castor php <args>: Runs PHP inside the development container
  • castor composer <args>: Runs composer inside the container
  • castor compose <args>: Easy access to docker compose
  • castor shell: Opens a shell (ash) inside the container
  • castor pr: Checks your code meets the basic standards for a pull request