Driver for payment with Credit via Tinkoff Bank (see cashier-provider/core)

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cashier provider driver template

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To get the latest version of Tinkoff Credit, simply require the project using Composer:

$ composer require cashier-provider/tinkoff-credit

Or manually update require block of composer.json and run composer update.

    "require": {
        "cashier-provider/tinkoff-credit": "^1.0"



This project is the driver for Cashier Provider.

Shop ID and Show Case ID must be provided by the bank manager in response to the agreement concluded with the bank.


Add your driver information to the config/cashier.php file:

use App\Models\Payment;
use App\Payments\Tinkoff as TinkoffDetails;
use CashierProvider\Core\Constants\Driver;
use CashierProvider\Tinkoff\Credit\Driver as TinkoffCreditDriver;

return [
    'payment' => [
        'map' => [
            Payment::TYPE_TINKOFF_CREDIT => 'tinkoff_credit'

    'drivers' => [
        'tinkoff_credit' => [
            Driver::DRIVER  => TinkoffCreditDriver::class,
            Driver::DETAILS => TinkoffDetails::class,

            DriverConstant::CLIENT_ID     => env('CASHIER_TINKOFF_CREDIT_CLIENT_ID'),
            DriverConstant::CLIENT_SECRET => env('CASHIER_TINKOFF_CREDIT_PASSWORD'),

            'show_case_id' => env('CASHIER_TINKOFF_CREDIT_SHOW_CASE_ID'),
            'promocode'    => env('CASHIER_TINKOFF_CREDIT_PROMOCODE', 'default'),


Create a model resource class inheriting from CashierProvider\Core\Resources\Model in your application.

Use the $this->model link to refer to the payment model. When executed, the $model parameter will contain the payment instance.

namespace App\Payments;

use App\Models\User;
use CashierProvider\Core\Resources\Model;

class BankName extends Model
    public function getShowCaseId(): ?string
        return config('cashier.drivers.tinkoff_credit.show_case_id');

    public function getPromoCode(): ?string
        return config('cashier.drivers.tinkoff_credit.promocode');

    public function getClient(): User
        return $this->model->client;

    public function getSum(): int
        return (int) $this->sum();

    public function getItems(): Collection
        return $this->model->order->items;

    protected function paymentId(): string
        return (string) $this->model->id;

    protected function sum(): float
        return (float) $this->model->sum;

    protected function currency(): int
        return $this->model->currency;

    protected function createdAt(): Carbon
        return $this->model->created_at;


All requests to the bank and processing of responses are carried out by the Cashier Provider project.

To get a link, contact him through the cast:

use App\Models\Payment;

public function getCreditUrl(Payment $payment): string
    return $payment->cashier->details->getUrl();

Available Methods And Details Data

// Returns the bank's transaction ID for this operation

$payment->cashier->details->getStatus(): ?string
// Returns the text status from the bank
// For example, `NEW`.

$payment->cashier->details->getUrl(): ?string
// If the request to get the link was successful, it will return the URL
// For example, `<hash>?<params>`

$payment->cashier->details->toArray(): array
// Returns an array of status and URL.
// For example,
// [
//     'url' => '<hash>?<params>',
//     'status' => 'NEW'
// ]