Driver for managing cash payments (see cashier-provider/core)

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Cash Driver

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To get the latest version of Cash Driver Provider, simply require the project using Composer:

$ composer require cashier-provider/cash

Or manually update require block of composer.json and run composer update.

    "require": {
        "cashier-provider/cash": "^2.0"



This project is the driver for Cashier Provider.


Add your driver information to the config/cashier.php file:

use App\Models\Payment;
use App\Payments\Cash as CashDetails;
use CashierProvider\Cash\Driver as CashDriver;
use CashierProvider\Core\Constants\Driver;

return [
    'payment' => [
        'map' => [
            Payment::TYPE_CASH => 'cash'

    'drivers' => [
        'cash' => [
            Driver::DRIVER  => CashDriver::class,
            Driver::DETAILS => CashDetails::class,


Create a model resource class inheriting from CashierProvider\Core\Resources\Model in your application.

Use the $this->model link to refer to the payment model. When executed, the $model parameter will contain the payment instance.

namespace App\Payments;

use CashierProvider\Core\Resources\Model;

class Cash extends Model
    protected function paymentId(): string
        return (string) $this->model->id;

    protected function sum(): float
        return (float) $this->model->sum;

    protected function currency(): int
        return $this->model->currency;

    protected function createdAt(): Carbon
        return $this->model->created_at;

Available Methods And Details Data

// Returns transaction ID for this operation

$payment->cashier->details->getStatus(): ?string
// Returns the text status from the bank
// For example, `PAID`.

$payment->cashier->details->toArray(): array
// Returns an array of status.
// For example,
// [
//     'status' => 'PAID'
// ]