Cashfree's Payout APIs provide developers with a streamlined pathway to integrate advanced payout capabilities into their applications, platforms and websites.

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The Cashfree Payout PHP SDK offers a convenient solution to access Cashfree Payout APIs from a server-side Go applications.


Cashfree's Payout API Documentation -

Learn and understand payout workflows at Cashfree Payments [here](

Try out our interactive guides at Cashfree Dev Studio !

Getting Started

Note: This README is for the current branch and not necessarily what's released in Composer


composer require cashfree/cashfree-payout


\Cashfree\Cashfree::$XClientId = "<x-client-id>";
\Cashfree\Cashfree::$XClientSecret = "<x-client-secret>";
\Cashfree\Cashfree::$XEnvironment = Cashfree\Cashfree::$SANDBOX;

Generate your API keys (x-client-id , x-client-secret) from Cashfree Merchant Dashboard


Apache Licensed. See for more details