Moneybird package for Laravel based on Picq'ers client

v1.1.0 2018-08-14 21:45 UTC

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This Laravel package is a wrapper for picqer/moneybird-php-client.


Via Composer

$ composer require casdr/laravel-moneybird

Laravel uses Package Auto-Discovery, so doesn't require you to manually add the ServiceProvider.

Laravel without auto-discovery:

If you don't use auto-discovery, add the ServiceProvider and the Facade to your config/app.php:

'providers' => [
'aliases' => [
  'Moneybird' => Casdr\Moneybird\MoneybirdFacade::class,

Then run the following command to publish the config to your config/ directory.

$ php artisan vendor:publish --tag=config

You then need to generate an application in the Moneybird interface and set the configuration for this module.

return [
    'redirect_uri' => 'urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob',
    'client_id' => 'ij8uhui34g1409fn', // The client ID of your Moneybird application
    'client_secret' => 'hu4ht89y0rfhbsduofas', // The client secret of your Moneybird application
    'authorization_token' => '', // The authorization token for your account ( (optional)
    'access_token' => '', // The access token for your account  (optional)
    'administration_id' => '' // The administration ID you want to use (optional)


$contact = Moneybird::contact();

$contact->company_name = 'BlaLabs';
$contact->firstname = 'Cas';
$contact->lastname = 'de Reuver';

For more usage information, see picqer/moneybird-php-client



The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.