Performance analysis tool for doctrine

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Last update: 2023-05-16 00:03:43 UTC


Has your DB server died in the fire of a dozen Quad core Xeon's maxed out at 100% CPU usage 24/7?

Is your ORM misbehaving and issuing horrific queries?

If so Watson is the tool for you - it helps you track down the bad queries in your ORM and fix them.

Still under development

Currently, code focuses on methods to hook into doctrine to gather stats for performance measuring. You may still find this useful as it currently will add a -- /full/path/to/file.php:line_no comment to all queries generated by the ORM.

Future development plans are to log stats against queries (execution time, hydration time, rows/entity ratio) giving you the ability to dig into the worst performing parts of your code and improve them.