Physical computing for PHP

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License: The MIT License

Copyright: 2013-2018 Thomas Weinert

Carica Chip provides abstraction for hardware access. It implements classes for physical devices connected to an Arduino (or compatible microcontroller) running Firmata.

It's a learning project not a product. Use it at your own risk.

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The repository provides an (hopefully growing) number of classes representing devices like an led, and potentiometer and so on.

It is inspired by the Johnny Five project.


Carica Chip uses Carica Io a non blocking I/O library for PHP. At least PHP 7.1 is needed. Carica Io defines several intefaces for hardware devices (Pin, ShiftOut, I2C). An implementation of these interfaces is required for Carica Chip.

Currently here is only one implementation - Carica Firmata. This is a Firmata client implentation for PHP.

On Windows, Serproxy should be used to map serial ports to tcp.


Carica Chip is avaiable on Packagist. Use Composer to add it as an dependency into your own projects.

You can use the skeleton project, too:

$ composer create-project carica/chip-skeleton path --stability=dev


Examples using Carica Firmata can be found in a separate repository.