CLI tool for Carbon

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CLI tool for Carbon


composer require carbon-cli/carbon-cli

Note that if you have nesbot/carbon installed yet and try to run a command, Carbon will automatically try to install the CLI using global composer command.



Generate macro helpers files for your IDE.

./vendor/bin/carbon macro NameSpace1\\Class1 NameSpace2\\Class2 src/macro-file.php

You can pass classes and files to the macro commands, classes will be loaded into Carbon as mixin, files will be loaded via include so you can run Carbon::macro() inside.

It will create _ide_carbon_mixin_instantiated.php and _ide_carbon_mixin_macro.php with all mixin/macro methods signatures, so your IDE will be able to auto-complete them on Carbon facade and instances.

You can commit those files into your project. And you should re-run the command when adding a new mixin/macro.

You also can store the list in your composer.json:

  "extra": {
    "carbon": {
      "macros": [

Then run:

./vendor/bin/carbon macro --composer

By default, the command will only consider the current directory (app, sources, tests, vendor, etc.) and so will also include the composer settings of your installed vendor packages.

To restrict to a given directory, use:

./vendor/bin/carbon macro --source-path app/Carbon

This will consider only mixin/macro declared inside app/Carbon directory.

This option can be used either with --composer option, with arguments list or both.