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v1.0.4 2024-04-24 14:20 UTC

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README for TYPO3 powermail to prevent spam

This extensions implements


  • Just install this extension - e.g. composer require captcha-eu/typo3-powermail
  • Register your domain to
  • Add publickey and restkey to TypoScript Constants (see example below)
  • add a new field "" somewhere in your form (position doesnt matter)
  • Have fun

Example for TypoScript Constants:

plugin.tx_captchaeu.publickey = 6LdsBBUTAAAAAKMhI67inzeAvzBh5JdRRxlCwbTz
plugin.tx_captchaeu.restkey = 6LdsBBUTAAAAAKMhaaaainzeAvzBh5JdRRxlCwbyy

Notes and best practice

Be sure to have spamshield enabled in powermail (TypoScript setup):

plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.spamshield._enable = 1

Keep up to date if powermail recognize spam (TypoScript setup):

# Get an email if spam was recognized =

# Write to a logfile when spam was recognized
plugin.tx_powermail.settings.setup.spamshield.logfileLocation = typo3temp/logs/powermailSpam.log


Version Date Description
1.0.0 2023-08-30 Initial upload - have fun