Dolibarr functions stubs for static analysis.

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Dolibarr Stubs Tools (extractor)


This package provides tools to extracts stub for Dolibarr functions, classes and interfaces.

All of stubs (results) are available on a dedicated repository, all versions of dolibarr since dolibarr-10.0 are concerned ! [dolibarr-stubs-all]

These stubs can help plugin and theme developers leverage IDE completion and static analysis tools like PHPStan.

The stubs are generated directly from the source using php-stubs/generator.


  • PHP >=7.3


Require this package as a development dependency with Composer.

composer require --dev caprel/dolibarr-stubs

Alternatively you may download dolibarr-stubs.php directly.

Usage in PHPStan

Include stubs in PHPStan configuration file.

        - vendor/php-stubs/dolibarr-stubs/dolibarr-stubs.php

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