Imports Wordpress content from an exported XML file

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0.3.2 2016-02-04 22:06 UTC

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#Wordpress Import Module Build Status

##Maintainer Contacts

  • Cam Findlay (Nickname: camfindlay) <cam (at)>
  • Damian Mooyman (Nickname: tractorcow) <damian (dot) mooyman (at) gmail (dot) com>


  • mod_rewrite (optional, if you need to cater for old incoming links and are using Apache)
  • SilverStripe Framework & CMS 3.1.x
  • silverstripe/blog 1.*
  • silverstripe/comments

##Installation Instructions

composer require camfindlay/silverstripe-wordpressimport

This module currently it only works with silverstripe/blog 1.x.

WORKAROUND: If you have installed silverstripe 2.x, downgrade to 1.x:

composer require silverstripe/blog 1.x

After importing the wordpress .xml file you can safely upgrade to silverstripe/blog 2.x again:

composer require silverstripe/blog 2.x

NOTE: After upgrading from blog 1.x to 2.x don't forget to run dev/tasks/BlogMigrationTask as indicated in the silverstripe/blog documentation.

WARNING: downgrade was only tested on an empty blog, if you have already entered any content on your blog, this may have some unexpected results!

###Usage Overview It will change any links to uploaded images and files in your posts that follow the convention "" to "" which allows you to migrate you uploaded images and files over to SilverStripe assets folder while maintaining images in your posts.

###Optional Rewriting Add this in your .htaccess file to port old wordpress posts in the form /yyyy/mm/name-of-post/ to new SilverStripe /blog/name-of-post convention.

RewriteRule ^[0-9]{4}/[0-9]{2}/(.*)$ /blog/$1 [R,L]

##Known issues:

  1. Content can lose a lot of the formatting coming from Wordpress.
  2. Perhaps parsing the content through a nl2br might help?
  3. Image captions need to be catered for and styled otherwise they end up looking like un-parse shortcodes.
  4. Currently only works with silverstripe/blog 1.x.