Use WordPress for authentication, user managment in laravel app

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Last update: 2020-07-25 14:36:46 UTC


Use a WordPress site as the authentication provider for a Laravel app.

Also can act as a WordPress REST API client.

Goals and Status

  • Authenticate as a WordPress user from Laravel - done.
  • Provide an API client for querying the WordPress REST API from Laravel - done.
  • Provide a WordPress based middleware. - Next step


Setting Up WordPress

This library could use other authentication systems but only JWT is implimented.

Add WordPress Login To Your App

  • Config

    • Publish config and set url for WordPress site or use WPUSERWPURL in your .env
    • URL must include /wp-json/ (or whatever) you use WITH trailing slash.
  • Add a login route, for example

Route::post('/wp-login', function( \calderawp\WPUser\JWTAuthenticator $authenticator, \Illuminate\Http\Request $request ){
	if( $request->has( 'username' ) && $request->has( 'password' ) ){
		if( $authenticator->login( $request->input( 'username'), $request->input( 'password' ) ) ){
			$user = \calderawp\WPUser\Model\Model::fromAuth( $authenticator );

		//return an error;


  • This uses a User Model from the package. No migration is provided to save.
  • You could save the WP User in database, with token.

Example To Authenticate User

    //SUPER IMPORTANT to use a trialing slash after wp-json
    $wpApiUrl = '';
    $authClient = \calderawp\WPUser\Factory::jwtAuthenticator( $wpApiUrl, [ 
        //args to pass to constructor of GuzzleHttp\Client
     ] );
    //BTW- in local testing, might want to set verify false
    // $authClient = \calderawp\WPUser\Factory::jwtAuthenticator( $wpApiUrl, [ 'verify' => false ] );

    if( $authClient->login( 'josh', '12345' ) ){
        $api = \calderawp\WPUser\Factory::jwtAuthenitcated( $wpApiUrl, $authClient->getUser(), 
                //args to pass to constructor of GuzzleHttp\Client
        $me = $api->me();


Copyright 2017 CalderaWP LLC. Licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL V2+. Please share with your neighbor.