Scaffolding for Websocket server using Ratchet & PHPi

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v0.1.2 2017-10-30 19:11 UTC

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Scaffolding and demo for interacting with phpi via websockets.

This should be enough to get started with a WS server and client. The included demo will let you monitor the pin headers, select alternate functions and change pin levels.


Installation should be done using composer as there are a few dependencies (especially for ratchet - sorry about this but they are all just tiny symphony components).

If you don't have composer already:

$ curl -sS | php

Then install

$ ./composer.phar create-project calcinai/phpi-websocket

Alternatively, you can download the current release with all its dependencies from the releases page.


You can test the server by running

php examples/server.php

This will run a simple HTTP & WebSocket server on port 9999. If the hostname of the pi is not the default (raspberrypi.local), you'll need to set it to something that can be accessed in server.php

All going well, you should be able to access the example at http://raspberrypi.local:9999/ and see something like this: