Openweathermap plugin for CakePHP

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You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer. The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require cakephp-fr/openweathermap:dev-master

Load your plugin using:

bin/cake plugin load Openweathermap

or add manually CakePlugin::load('Localized') in your boostrap.php.

Create 2 tables : weatherdatas & weathersites with the help of initial migration file into 'Migrations' directory of the plugin (/Openweathermap/configs/Migrations)

bin/cake migrations migrate -p Openweathermap


To configure the plugin you can add the openweathermap config to the config/app.php, something like:

return [

    .... (other configs before)

    'Openweathermap' => [
        // MANDATORY : Register API keys at
        'key' => 'your-sitekey',
        // OPTIONAL : default lang for the plugin. Default to 'fr' if this config is not provided
        'lang' => 'en',
        // OPTIONAL : default units mesure for the plugin. Default to 'metric' if this config is not provided
        'units' => 'metric'

Make sure that /config/app.php file is in .gitignore. The secret key must stay secret. The API Key is mandatory, if you want an API go to the and follow instructions.


You can fetch weather forecast for any cities with theses 3 functions:

  • getWeatherByCityId
  • getWeatherByCityName
  • getWeatherByGeoloc

For example into a shell code : for this example, a $sites table contain every information about the city (name, long/lat or weathersite_id):

public function main()
    // parse all sites
    $sites = $this->Sites->find('all');
    foreach ($sites as $site) {
        $this->out('site : ' . $site->libelle);
        if ($site->has('weathersite_id')) {
            $data = $this->Openweathermap->getWeatherByCityId($site->weathersite_id);
        } elseif ($site->has('latitude') || !$site->has('longitude')) {
            $data = $this->Openweathermap->getWeatherByGeoloc($site->latitude, $site->longitude);
            if ($data['success']) {
                $this->Sites->associateOpenweatherSite($site->id, $data['data']['city']['id']); // $data['data']['city']['id'] will contain the id from Openweathermap of the city
        } else {
            $data = $this->Openweathermap->getWeatherByCityName($site->ville, 'FR');
            if ($data['success']) {
                $this->Sites->associateOpenweatherSite($site->id, $data['data']['city']['id']); // $data['data']['city']['id'] will contain the id from Openweathermap of the city
        sleep(2); // for unstress the server

Everytime you fetch weatherdata, the component check if the request is more than 6 hours old, otherwise the component will return weatherdata from database instead of updating it.

Don't use XML or HTML format, it's not implemented for the moment


I'm coding a Weather Helper which can display icon (css) or image from weather information.


Sorry for my very bad english (i'm a french guy), if you see some errors, please do a pull request. If you want more informations, you can ask your questions into the issues section of this page.

you can send me a mail at cyberbobjr(at)yahoo(dot)com