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>=3.2.9 <3.4.0 4.x 4.2.1 stable
^2.10 2.x 2.2.0 stable

The Users plugin covers the following features:

  • User registration
  • Login/logout
  • Social login (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, etc)
  • Simple RBAC via
  • Remember me (Cookie) via
  • Manage user's profile
  • Admin management
  • Yubico U2F for Two-Factor Authentication
  • One-Time Password for Two-Factor Authentication

The plugin is here to provide users related features following 2 approaches:

  • Quick drop-in working solution for users login/registration. Get users working in 5 minutes.
  • Extensible solution for a bigger/custom application. You'll be able to extend:
    • UsersAuth Component
    • Use your own UsersTable
    • Use your own Controller

On the previous versions of the plugin, extensibility was an issue, and one of the main objectives of the 3.0 rewrite is to guarantee all the pieces could be extended/reused as easily.

Another decision made was limiting the plugin dependencies on other packages as much as possible.


  • CakePHP 4.0+
  • PHP 7.3+


For documentation, as well as tutorials, see the Docs directory of this repository.


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Commercial support is also available, contact us for more information.


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