0.6 2016-11-29 12:31 UTC


Connect to the E-Ngine ESP with the API Client.



Preferred way of installing is though Composer. Add the following line to you require

"cac/esp-api-engine": ">=v0.1"

API Configuration

The Adapter uses the E-Ngine SOAP Webservice for communication. When creating the EngineApi class some configuration is needed

  • domain - The domain where E-Ngine is availabe. (e.g.
  • path - Path to the SOAP entry point on the domain. (e.g. /soap/
  • customer - Your E-Ngine customer name
  • user - Your E-Ngine user name
  • password - Your E-Ngine password


The API Client doesn't have all calls implemented at the moment. To use the latest version download the development version.