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Multishop is the e-commerce plugin for TYPO3.

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5.1.63 2023-10-18 09:45 UTC


Multishop is the e-commerce plugin for TYPO3.

Download official version from



Simply install the plugin in your TYPO3 installation.


After the plugin has been installed the shop must be configured. How you can do this can be read on

jQuery / t3jquery notice

Multishop requires jQuery 2. Also enable the jQuery module: Migrate + all the Bootstrap modules.

Bootstrap 3 required

Multishop expects the website to have Twitter Bootstrap loaded. You will have to load the JavaScript library (with i.e. t3jquery) yourself. Multishop provides bootstrap.css and will load it automatically through TypoScript (page.includeCSS.bootstrapCss / multishop_admin_page.includeCSS.bootstrapCss).

Login to your TYPO3 backend:

  • Clear TYPO3 cache
  • Go to extension manager. Select t3jquery plugin to configure it. Select TYPO in selectbox and configure:

jQuery Version - typo.jQueryVersion: 2.x jQuery UI Version - typo.jQueryUiVersion: 1.10.x jQuery TOOLS Version - typo.jQueryTOOLSVersion: 1.2.x jQuery Bootstrap version - 3.x.x


If you have difficulties with configuring Multishop you could download our demo package (which is configured on TYPO3 6.2.3 with Bootstrap 3). You can download it here:

Steps to configure:

  • Extract the file to the vhost folder (i.e. /var/www/
  • Import the file database.sql to your database and remove it from the server.
  • Adjust the MySQL credentials (host, database, username and password) in the file: typo3conf/LocalConfiguration.php
  • Login to the TYPO3 backend (and also in front-end as fe_user) with the following credentials: Username: typo3mslabAdmin Password: testMultishop123!
  • Do not forget to change the password!


This Plugin is created by BVB Media.

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