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Part of BuzzingPixel's Corbomite project.

Provides event registration and dispatching.


Listening for events

When the dispatcher is called, it first fires up a collector service which will load up any events. You can register events in your app or from any composer package by setting a key in the composer.json extra object of eventCollectorConfigFilePath. That should be a path to a PHP file which will be called. The called PHP file will have a variable available called $eventListenerRegistration. That's an instance of \corbomite\events\interfaces\EventListenerRegistrationInterface which will allow you to register events.

Listeners must implement the interface \corbomite\events\interfaces\EventListenerInterface.

Dispatching events

To dispatch an event, get \corbomite\events\EventDispatcher from the DI and call the dispatch sending it an instance of the event class you wish to dispatch. That event class instance must implement \corbomite\events\interfaces\EventInterface.


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