This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. No replacement package was suggested.

This plugin is a set of tools for user handling like registration, login, email verification, password reset and much more.

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The UserTools plugin provides you the building blocks for everything around users. It comes with a CRUD kick start through the UserToolComponent and the UserBehavior. Just load the component and you have a working login and registration. Customize it as you like through configuration or use only what you really need.

The plugin is built in a way that you can only use what you really need from it and helps you to avoid to repeat the registration process in each app for example. The plugin should be flexible enough to adapt to almost every use case through configuration options and can be used in tiny pieces.


  • User Validation Trait for common user related validation (password, change password...)
  • Password Hasher Trait to get the password hashing functionality in one line for saving new or updated passwords
  • Password and Token Trait to generate passwords and tokens
  • A UserTools behavior that adds a lot of common user related methods
  • A UserTool component to get a quick start for login and registration

If you miss something please create a ticket on Github!


  • CakePHP 3.0+ (Plugin Version 1.0)
  • CakePHP 3.4+ (Plugin Version 1.1)

Complementary plugins

The following plugins are not required but are a suggestions if you're looking for additional user related things.


For documentation, as well as tutorials, see the docs directory of this repository.


For support and feature request, please visit the UserTools Support Site.

Branch strategy

  • The master branch holds the STABLE latest version of the plugin.
  • The develop branch is UNSTABLE and used to test new features before releasing them.
  • Only hot fixes are accepted against the master branch.

Contributing to this Plugin

Please feel free to contribute to the plugin with new issues, requests, unit tests and code fixes or new features. If you want to contribute some code, create a feature branch from develop, and send us your pull request. Unit tests for new features and issues detected are mandatory to keep quality high.


Copyright 2013 - 2016 Florian Krämer

Licensed under the MIT License. Redistributions of the source code included in this repository must retain the copyright notice found in each file.