This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the burnbright/silvershop-googleanalytics package instead.

Integrate SilverStripe shop sales with google analytics.

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1.2.0 2020-09-30 09:10 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-10-01 23:36:38 UTC



Add the following to your yaml config:

  web_property_id: UA-XXXXXX-X

Some additional configuration options (all on the ShopGoogleAnalytics object):

  • disable_on_dev - by default analytics code is not included unless Director::isLive() is true, setting this to false causes it to show up any time
  • no_sku_prefix - if an item doesn't have a SKU/InternalItemID set we need to send something to google using this prefix and the ID
  • disable_pageviews - don't include the basic pageview code. set this to true if using another analytics module such as silverstripe/googleanalytics
  • use_requirements - default is true, which uses Requirements::customScript to insert the tracking code. Set this to false and add $GoogleAnalyticsJS to your template to have more control over where the code goes.
  • tracking_type - 'Universal' or 'Classic' - default is Classic to maintain backwards compatibility
  • tracking_code - allows finer grained control over the templates used to generate the javascript

TODO / Room for improvement:

  • Optionally allow recording actions: add to cart, remove, set quantity.
  • Integrate analtyics reporting into CMS for an order. This way site owners an see additional info for the customer.