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3.0-beta1 2018-03-20 15:12 UTC


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Drupal 8 theme delivered with the Thunder CMS.

PLEASE NOTE: This theme is not longer actively maintained and is considered deprecated.

Theme preview


  1. make sure you have node with npm installed (https://nodejs.org/)
  2. go to theme path in your shell: cd docroot/themes/contrib/infinite_theme
  3. type: npm install to build the theme for production use


  • gulp build the theme for production use (this starts automatically after npm install)
  • gulp bower runs bower update
  • gulp sass generates compressed CSS for production use
  • gulp sass --dev generates readable CSS with source maps
  • gulp watch auto-builds if a change is detected in sass / templates / js and reloads the browser thanks to BrowserSync
  • gulp watch --http://yourhost.local:8888 you can provide your URL with the command directly
  • gulp watch --http://yourhost.local:8888 --dev you can also generate readable CSS, while watching for changes