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This bundle add a service that can be used to filter object values based on annotations. Laminas filter old ZendFilters used for filtering. Also bundle can filter your forms if it finds a annotated entity attached. If auto_filter_forms enabled entities will be filtered before they are validated. Laminas filters doc

Installation Symfony Flex

composer config extra.symfony.allow-contrib true
composer require bukashk0zzz/filter-bundle

Installation without Symfony Flex

composer require bukashk0zzz/filter-bundle

Add the bundle to app/AppKernel.php

$bundles = array(
	// ... other bundles
	new Bukashk0zzz\FilterBundle\Bukashk0zzzFilterBundle(),


Add this to your config.yml:

    # Enable if you need auto filtering form data before constraint(Validation) check
    auto_filter_forms: false


Bundle provides one annotation which allow filter fields in your entities.

Add the next class to the use section of your entity class.

use Bukashk0zzz\FilterBundle\Annotation\FilterAnnotation as Filter;

Annotation @Filter has one required option filter which value should be name of Laminas filter class. It can be set like this @Filter("StringTrim") or @Filter(filter="AppBundle\Filter\MyCustomFilter").

AppBundle\Filter\MyCustomFilter - in this example, must be class that extends \Laminas\Filter\AbstractFilter

Also there is one not required option options - it must be array type and will pass to Laminas filter using setOptions method from Laminas filter.

Example entity

namespace AppBundle\Entity;

use Bukashk0zzz\FilterBundle\Annotation\FilterAnnotation as Filter;

 * User Entity
class User
     * @Filter("StripTags", options={"allowTags": "br"})
     * @Filter("StringTrim")
     * @Filter("StripNewlines")
     * @var string
    protected $name;

     * @Filter("StripTags")
     * @Filter("StringTrim")
     * @Filter("AppBundle\Filter\MyCustomFilter")
     * @var string
    protected $about;

Using filter service

Use the bukashk0zzz_filter.filter service along with annotations in the Entity to filter data.

public function indexAction()

    $entity = new \Acme\DemoBundle\Entity\SampleEntity();
    $entity->name = "My <b>name</b>";
    $entity->email = " email@mail.com";

    $filterService = $this->get('bukashk0zzz_filter.filter');

    return ['entity' => $entity];

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