Load Must-Use Plugins inside subdirectories with caching. For delete the cache: if you view the Must Use plugin list in the network administration.

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This small plugin scan and include all plugins in subdirectories from the Must Use plugin folder.


The WordPress Must Use Plugins are acceptable to include without doings in the back end. But WordPress does not load plugins in subdirectories. They must be at the root of the Must Use plugin directory, on default /wp-content/mu-plugins/. This small plugin scan includes all plugins in subdirectories from the Must Use plugin folder.

The plugin has a simple cache, and you flush this cache if you go to the network plugin page; view is enough.


List of Must Use Plugins, include the automatically loads in subdirectories



  1. Download the php file
  2. Copy to your Must Use plugin folder, default /wp-content/mu-plugins/
  3. Alternative define your Must Use folder in the wp-config.php and copy the plugin in this folder
  4. Check in the network plugin page, if it works

Alternative via Composer

The plugin is available as Composer package and can be installed via Composer.

composer require bueltge/must-use-loader

Or to create as a project in your environment.

composer create-project bueltge/must-use-loader --no-dev

The package is on packagist and the package name is bueltge/must-use-loader.

Alternative via Git

  1. Go to your Must Use folder cd path
  2. git init .
  3. git remote add origin https://github.com/bueltge/must-use-loader.git
  4. git fetch origin
  5. git checkout master
  6. Check in the network plugin page, if it works


Custom Must Use Plugin directory

Define it in the wp-config.php of your install, as the following source.

// Custom mu plugin directory
define( 'WPMU_PLUGIN_DIR', dirname( __FILE__ ) . '/wpmu-plugins' );
define( 'WPMU_PLUGIN_URL', 'http://' . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . '/wpmu-plugins' );

Exclude plugins from loader

On default, exclude the plugin all plugin files, there start with an underline _. But you can remove plugins detected by the "Must Use Loader" from the loading process by using the must_use_loader.mu_plugins filter. Example:

function prefix_unset_autoloading( $mu_plugins ) {

    unset( $mu_plugins['plugin-folder/plugin-file.php'] );
    return $mu_plugins;
add_filter( 'must_use_loader.mu_plugins', 'prefix_unset_autoloading' );

Other Notes

Bugs, technical hints or contribute

Please give me feedback, contribute and file technical bugs on this GitHub Repo, use Issues.


Good news, this plugin is free for everyone! Since it's released under the MIT, you can use it free of charge on your personal or commercial blog. But if you enjoy this plugin, you can thank me and leave a small donation for the time I've spent writing and supporting this plugin. And I don't want to know how many hours of my life this plugin has already eaten ;)

Contact & Feedback

The plugin is designed and developed by me (Frank Bültge, Twitter)

Please let me know if you like the plugin or you hate it or whatever ... Please fork it, add an issue for ideas and bugs.


I'm German, and my English might be gruesome here and there. So please be patient with me and let me know of typos or grammatical farts. Thanks