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Dbup is a simple migration tool for PHP.

  • You have only to download dbup.phar.
  • Dbup has only up command. Dbup does not have down command.
  • Dbup use just a plain old sql, so you don't have to learn ORM nor DSL. You write sql file and just call up command.
  • Dbup use just PDO class to migrate.
  • Dbup doesn't need the table in a database to migrate.

Applied migration sql files are copied to .dbup/applied directory. If a same file exists both sql and .dbup/applied directory, up command ignores this sql file.



Dbup works with PHP 5.4.0 or later.


Installing Dbup is as easy as it can get. Download the dbup.phar and run init, then .dbup and sql directory are created and set a sample properties.ini file and sqlfile.

php dbup.phar init

change the database config in .dbup/properties.ini.

dsn = "mysql:dbname=testdatabase;host=localhost"
user = "testuser"
password = "testpassword"

see also

You can also assign environment variables to your database configuration file. Dbup reads DBUP_ prefixed environment variables if the names are placed in .ini file with surrounded '%%'. For example, user parameter of the following ini will be replaced to a value of the environment variable DBUP_USERNAME if it is defined.

user = "%%DBUP_USERNAME%%"


You have to name a sql file like below:


V is prefix. the separator is __ (two underscores). Suffix is .sql


List all commands.

php dbup.phar

You have to write a sql file to sql directory.

Show status.

php dbup.phar status

dbup migration status
          Applied At | migration sql file
 2013-05-01 22:37:32 | V1__sample_select.sql
        appending... | V2__sample.sql
        appending... | V3__sample.sql
        appending... | V20__sample.sql
        appending... | V100__sample.sql

Up database after writing a new sql file.

php dbup.phar up

that's all.


Dbup is licensed under the MIT license.