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Allows you to get browser information

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This is a service for you that is similar to the php function get_browser(). It uses project.


php composer.phar require browscap/browscap-bundle:1.0.*

This will install the current version which is beta and is the master branch. I don't want to say it's stable yet until I have some more tests and real world usage under the belt, but should be good enough to use in a production site.

In your app/AppKernel.php file

public function registerBundles()
    $bundles = array(
        new Browscap\BrowscapBundle\BrowscapBundle(),


You can see the configuration values and information by running php app/console config:dump-reference BrowscapBundle

    cache_dir:            null # If null, use your application cache directory
    timeout:              5
    update_interval:      432000
    error_interval:       7200
    do_auto_update:       true
    update_method:        'cURL' # Supported methods: 'URL-wrapper','socket','cURL' and 'local'.
    local_file:           null # Only if used
    cache_filename:       'cache.php'
    ini_filename:         'browscap.ini'
    lowercase:            false # You need to rebuild the cache if this option is changed
    silent:               false


In your controller, you will just need to get the browser information via the dependency injection container.

// @var $browscap \Browscap\BrowscapBundle\Browscap
$browscap = $this->container->get('browscap');
$browser = $browscap->getBrowser();

In twig templates, you can call the get_browser function :

{% set browser = get_browser() %}

In the future there might be some more functions.