Lets you manage your Laravel-translation files via database.

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Laravel Translation Manager

This package provides an easy way to manage your translations in a database. It takes all files from your default locale folder (e.g. resources/lang/de) and creates translation-groups (e.g. auth.php becomes translation-group auth) which are stored in translation_groups-table. Then every entry from each file will be saved to the translations-table (yes, it takes care of multidimensional arrays of every depth).

After you have finished translating, the package writes all entries back to the resource-folder. All entries will be kept in database, so you can keep translating.

Updates are handled one-way. That means that changes which are made to a file will not replace the value in the database. The other way round, the complete content of a translation-file will be replaced by the values from the database.


  • Laravels default translation-loader will not be replaced, so everything keeps working
  • Works with every Laravel version (5.*)
  • To add a new language, simply add it to your config/app.php and re-run php artisan translations:toDatabse, make your translations and run php artisan translations:toFile
  • No more database exports! Develop locally without using the export function. Simply use your default language.


  • require via composer composer require brotzka/translation-manager
  • add list of available languages to your config/app.php:
'available_locales' => ['de', 'en', 'sv'],
  • run migration php artisan migrate



Call via:

php artisan translations:toDatabase

Collects all files and entries from within your resources/lang/ folder and generates translations-groups and translations and writes them to the database. Existing files will NOT be updated.


Call via:

php artisan translations:toFile

Takes all entries from the database, generates missing language folders and translation-group files and puts the values to the files.

NOTE: If you want to call the commands via Artisan::call('translations.toDatabase'), you have to register both commands in app/Console/Kernel.php:

protected $commands = [
    // ..  other commands


In the back, this package creates two more models (TranslationGroup and Translation) tables (translation_groups and translations).

You can use them as you are used to use models in Laravel. The relevant namespace is: Brotzka\TranslationManager\Module.

You can query relationships like this:

  • $translation->getParent: returns the parent-instance if existing (NULL if not)
  • $translation->children: returns all children-instances
  • $translation->getGroup: returns the translation-group of the current translation
  • $translationGroup->entries: returns all entries belonging to the current translation-group


  • handle JSON-files
  • provide some GUI-elements (e.g. language-switcher, translation-manager)