A package for editing the .env file in your Laravel root.

v2.2.0 2023-01-29 19:54 UTC


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Edit your Laravel .env file

This package offers you the possibility to edit your .env dynamically through a controller or model.

The current version (2.x) ships with a graphical user interface based on VueJS to offer you a very simple implementation of all features.

List of available functions:

  • check, if a given key exists
  • get the value of a key
  • get the complete content of your .env
  • get the content as JSON
  • change existing values
  • add new key-value-pairs
  • delete existing key-value-pairs
  • create/restore/delete backups
  • list all backups
  • get the content of a backup
  • enable auto-backups
  • check, if auto-backups are enabled or not
  • get and set a backup-path

Here are some images showing the gui which ships with the current version:

Overview Overview with loaded content Edit an entry Adding a new key-value-pair Backups Showing the content of a backup More options for backups Uploading Backups


Visit the Wiki-page to get more Information.


The following example shows an controller with a method, in which we change some values from the .env. Make sure, the entries you want to change, really exist in your .env.

namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Brotzka\DotenvEditor\DotenvEditor;

class EnvController extends Controller
    public function test(){
        $env = new DotenvEditor();

            'TEST_ENTRY1'   => 'one_new_value',
            'TEST_ENTRY2'   => $anotherValue,

For more exmaples visit the Wiki.