eZ Publish Legacy extension which provides a simple design override for the default eZ Publish Legacy Administration Design

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bcezadmindesignoverride is a simple design extension override for the default eZ Publish Legacy Administration


Branding Example For eZ Publish Legacy Default Administration. Replaces Default eZ5 Website Login Page and Layout Header Images with BC Logo Images as an example of how to do this to a ezpublish legacy admin installlation without changing existing design files directly.


This extension is now compatible and tested with eZ Publish 5.x+ (Legacy) and PHP 5.4

Tested with eZ Publish Community Project 2018.06


  1. Added full copy of current default admin pagelayout.css into this separate design extension and not modified in any way. This provides for the following two features. 1.1 Style+Image Additions: Add BC eZ Logo to Admin Login Pagelayout 1.2 Add BC eZ Logo to Admin Pagelayout Header

  2. Added full copy of current file, admin2/templates/page_copyright.tpl customized to contain much less offending branding in the footer of every admin page view. 2.1 Branding retained: Powered by eZ Publish legacy (bold, orange text color). For more information see ezinfo/about. (linked)

  3. Added full copy of current file, settings/dashboard.ini.append customized to remove the community_activity setting entry from loading a related template with excessive branding which eventually broke and no one bothered to fix it since the source of the community activity was discontinued silently. 3.1 Branding removed: community activity dashboard module/view template which had been abadoned. This leaves the administrator users with less distractions and runtime boot errors overall.

  4. Added full copy of current files, admin/templates/user/login.tpl and admin2/templates/user/login.tpl and admin2/templates/loginpagelayout.tpl and admin/templates/loginpagelayout.tpl customized to remove undesired text branding for admin login pagelayout. 4.1 Branding removed: eZ Systems copyright and needless linkage. This leaves the administrator users focused and with greater security.

  5. Added a rich implementation of favicon support accross several hardward and browser platforms. This ensures your admin stands out over other plain defaulting installations. 5.1 Branding removed: Replaced default eZ Systems' eZ Publish admin favicon with BC Branded favicons for many more platforms than supported by default. This increases positive branding.


The complete extension usage documentation is included in the file doc/USAGE.


See doc/


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