helpers for handling sensitive data with Broadway

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Helpers for handling sensitive data with Broadway.

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$ composer require broadway/sensitive-data


In an Event Sourced environment you may have to deal with sensitive (e.g. personal) data ending up in your event stream. You could encrypt your event stream or remove sensitive data from your event stream after a certain amount or time (upcasting). Or you could choose not to store sensitive data in you event stream altogether. That's where this project helps out.

Imagine the use case where a customer wants to pay an order with a credit card and you're not allowed to store the credit card number.

A PayWithCreditCardCommand (with credit card number) should lead to a PaymentWithCreditCardRequestedEvent (without the credit card number) but the Processor that handles the event does need to know the credit card number.

This project introduces a SensitiveDataManager which can be injected into a CommandHandler to capture the sensitive data from the command and make it available to the SensitiveDataProcessor hereby bypassing the event store.


  • sensitive data is not stored in your event stream
  • no need for encryption or upcasting of your events


  • handling of sensitive data can only be done once per request


A detailed example with a test case can be found in the examples/ directory.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details