Laravel library for Broadcastt HTTP API

v0.3.5 2023-03-05 21:03 UTC

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Realtime web applications are the future. Broadcastt provides tools to help developers create realtime applications.

Laravel HTTP Library

Be aware that this library is still in beta and not reached the first MAJOR version.

Semantic Versioning 2.0.0

Major version zero (0.y.z) is for initial development. Anything may change at any time. The public API should not be considered stable.

This library is compatible with Laravel 5.5+

This is an HTTP library for Laravel. If you are looking for a client library or a different server library please check out our list of libraries.

For tutorials and more in-depth documentation, visit the official site.


First steps

Require this package, with Composer

composer require broadcastt/broadcastt-laravel-http

The Broadcastt service provider is registered automatically.


If you want you can register the Broadcastt facade.

'Broadcastt' => Broadcastt\Laravel\Facades\Broadcastt::class


To configure only the Broadcasting driver you have to modify config/broadcasting.php. You have to have an item in the connections array with its driver set to broadcastt.

'broadcastt' => [
	'driver' => 'broadcastt',
	'id' => env('BROADCASTER_APP_ID'),
	'key' => env('BROADCASTER_APP_KEY'),
	'secret' => env('BROADCASTER_APP_SECRET'),
	'cluster' => env('BROADCASTER_APP_CLUSTER'),

The recommended way is to use environment variables or use .env to configure these data.

You can also use the PUSHER_APP_KEY, PUSHER_APP_SECRET, PUSHER_APP_ID and PUSHER_APP_CLUSTER environment variables respectively.

To configure other connection for the facade you should publish config/broadcastt.php.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Broadcastt\Laravel\BroadcasttServiceProvider"

In the published config/broadcasting.php file you can define many connections.

id (Integer)

The id of the application

key (String)

The key of the application

secret (String)

The secret of the application

cluster (String) Optional

The cluster of the application

Default value: eu

Additional options

useTLS (String)

Short way to change scheme to https and port to 443

debug (Boolean)

Turns on debugging for all requests

Default value: false

basePath (String)

The base of the path what the request will call

Default value: /apps/{AppId}

scheme (String)

E.g. http or https

Default value: http

host (String)

The host e.g. No trailing forward slash

Default value: If the cluster is not set during initialization

port (String)

The http port

Default value: 80

timeout (String)

The http timeout

Default value: 30

Usage of broadcaster

BroadcasttServiceProvider registers a driver for Broadcasting, so in config/broadcasting.php you can use broadcastt driver for broadcasting.

For example you can set BROADCAST_DRIVER environment variable to broadcastt.

Usage of facade

client($connection = null)

Returns a client instance

connection($connection = null)

Alias for client($connection = null)

trigger($channels, $name, $data, $socketId = null, $jsonEncoded = false)

Trigger an event by providing event name and payload.

Optionally provide a socket ID to exclude a client (most likely the sender).

triggerBatch($batch = [], $encoded = false)

Trigger multiple events at the same time.

get($path, $params = [])

GET arbitrary REST API resource using a synchronous http client.

All request signing is handled automatically.


Everyone is welcome who would help to make this library "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".