Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage for Laravel 5. Original by Paul Olthof (@hpolthof) continued by @bringyourownideas

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Backblaze B2 is a cloud storage system comparable to Amazons S3. This adapter allows you to use B2 within Laravel 5+ applications. Tested are Laravel 5, 6, 7, and 8.

At bring your own ideas Ltd. it is used in combination with spatie's Laravel backup to backup our Laravel projects.

The code is based on Paul Olthofs unmaintained repo and addresses mostly bugs at this point.

Use B2 via S3 instead!

As B2 has an S3-compatible interface it's recommended to use this instead. See #6 (comment) for more details. It's unlikely this package will be maintained further and migrating is recommended.

Step by Step Guide

On our company website we have released a detailed step by step guide to back up your Laravel projects to Backblaze. Feel free to reach out if you find any mistakes or have trouble implementing the steps.


Via Composer

composer require bringyourownideas/laravel-backblaze

In your app.php config file add to the list of service providers:


Add the following to your filesystems.php config file in the disks section:

'b2' => [
    'driver'         => 'b2',
    'accountId'      => '',
    'applicationKey' => '',
    'bucketName'     => '',

Now just paste in your credentials and bucketname and you're ready to go!


Just use it as you normally would use the Storage facade.

\Storage::disk('b2')->put('test.txt', 'test')





MIT, as the original repository.