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Laravel Repositories is a package for Laravel 5 which is used to abstract the database layer. This makes applications much easier to maintain.


Run the following command from you terminal:

composer require "bosnadev/repositories: 0.*"

or add this to require section in your composer.json file:

"bosnadev/repositories": "0.*"

then run composer update


First, create your repository class. Note that your repository class MUST extend Bosnadev\Repositories\Eloquent\Repository and implement model() method

<?php namespace App\Repositories;

use Bosnadev\Repositories\Contracts\RepositoryInterface;
use Bosnadev\Repositories\Eloquent\Repository;

class FilmsRepository extends Repository {

    public function model() {
        return 'App\Film';

By implementing model() method you telling repository what model class you want to use. Now, create App\Film model:

<?php namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class Film extends Model {

    protected $primaryKey = 'film_id';

    protected $table = 'film';

    protected $casts = [
        "rental_rate"       => 'float'

And finally, use the repository in the controller:

<?php namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Repositories\FilmsRepository as Film;

class FilmsController extends Controller {

    private $film;

    public function __construct(Film $film) {

        $this->film = $film;

    public function index() {
        return \Response::json($this->film->all());

Available Methods

The following methods are available:

public function all($columns = array('*'))
public function lists($value, $key = null)
public function paginate($perPage = 1, $columns = array('*'));
public function create(array $data)
// if you use mongodb then you'll need to specify primary key $attribute
public function update(array $data, $id, $attribute = "id")
public function delete($id)
public function find($id, $columns = array('*'))
public function findBy($field, $value, $columns = array('*'))
public function findAllBy($field, $value, $columns = array('*'))
public function findWhere($where, $columns = array('*'))
public function apply($model, Repository $repository)

Example usage

Create a new film in repository:


Update existing film:

$this->film->update(Input::all(), $film_id);

Delete film:


Find film by film_id;


you can also chose what columns to fetch:

$this->film->find($id, ['title', 'description', 'release_date']);

Get a single row by a single column criteria.

$this->film->findBy('title', $title);

Or you can get all rows by a single column criteria.

$this->film->findAllBy('author_id', $author_id);

Get all results by multiple fields

    'author_id' => $author_id,


Criteria is a simple way to apply specific condition, or set of conditions to the repository query. Your criteria class MUST extend the abstract Bosnadev\Repositories\Criteria\Criteria class.

Here is a simple criteria:

<?php namespace App\Repositories\Criteria\Films;

use Bosnadev\Repositories\Criteria\Criteria;
use Bosnadev\Repositories\Contracts\RepositoryInterface as Repository;

class LengthOverTwoHours extends Criteria {

     * @param $model
     * @param RepositoryInterface $repository
     * @return mixed
    public function apply($model, Repository $repository)
        $model = $model->where('length', '>', 120);
        return $model;

Now, inside you controller class you call pushCriteria method:

<?php namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use App\Repositories\Criteria\Films\LengthOverTwoHours;
use App\Repositories\FilmsRepository as Film;

class FilmsController extends Controller {

     * @var Film
    private $film;

    public function __construct(Film $film) {

        $this->film = $film;

    public function index() {
        $this->film->pushCriteria(new LengthOverTwoHours());
        return \Response::json($this->film->all());


This package is largely inspired by this great package by @andersao. Here is another package I used as reference.