Cleanup for WordPress frontend and backend

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0.4 2019-09-29 13:37 UTC



one employed to care for the gardens or grounds of a home, business concern, or other property

Gardener is a WordPress plugin that adds theme support for an opinionated cleanup of the WordPress admin and frontend.

No feature is added or modified by default. Support for each feature must be added manually and if this plugin is uninstalled it will not break anything.

Installation and usage

Install using composer:

composer require bonny/gardener

(Or you can just download the plugin and place it in your wp plugins folder.)

Add support for wanted features in your functions.php:



  • Add all wanted features.
  • Document features incl. screenshots.
  • Tests would be nice.


Relative links

  • Change links and images added in Gutenberg and TinyMCE to use relative paths, instead of absolute. This is a benefit when developing a website on several domains, so you don't have to change all links from to
Screenshot "Coming soon."

Remove emoji

  • Remove emoji related things.
  • Removes print_emoji_detection_script, print_emoji_styles.



Make file names of media attachments work better with more server configs because for example MacOS does not treat UPPERCASE or lowercase chars different, but a Linux server will. So if you transfer uploads to a server suddenly they stop working and give you 404 errors.

When enabled this feature will

  • Only keep basic printable ASCII characters.
  • Remove international chars like "åäö".
  • Remove strange chars like or (they look very much like the Swedish letter åbut they are not).
  • Remove percent signs "%".
  • Make file names lowercase.
  • Example: instead of /uploads/svenska tecken och mellanslag åäöÅÄÖ hej citattecken';.jpg your file will be uploaded as /uploads/svenska-tecken-och-mellanslag-aaoaao-hej-citattecken.jpg. Another example is the file Ingen-ko-på-isen-1b-2.jpg that will be changed to ingen-ko-pa-isen-1b-2.jpg (Funny bonus story: the previous filename is from a real project and it was the whole reason why I started working on this feature!).

Cleanup dashboard

  • Removes unwanted dashboard meta boxes, like QuickPress, plugins, recent drafts, incoming links, news and events, WPML meta box if WPML is installed.
  • Removes the text "Thank you for creating with WordPress" at the bottom.
Screenshot Before cleaning up dashboard

cleanup-dashboard-before After cleaning up dashboard cleanup-dashboard-after

Hide posts

  • Hide posts links from admin menu and from admin bar (New -> Post).

Hide comments

  • Hide comments from admin menu.

Enhance login screen

add_theme_support('gardener-enhance-login-screen', [
    'message' => "Welcome to ACME Co website. Please login!",
    'image' => '84x84px-login-image.png',
    'image_width => 200,
    'image_height => 75,
  • Changes link to to a link back to the homepage of the site.
  • Add support for local client image above login fields.
    • Uses image login-client-logo.png from theme folder if it exists, or any image using the image argument.
  • Arguments are optional.

Other similar plugins

This plugin is not unique. The following plugins are similar popular plugins:


  • 0.4 Add feature gardener-hide-comments that hides the comments menu item.
  • 0.3 Use login_headertext instead of login_headertitle because login_headertitle is deprecated since WordPress version 5.2.0.
  • 0.2.1 Add support for custom login image size.
  • 0.2 Add support for feature hide posts.
  • 0.1 First version