Excel Importer dependency for Laravel Enso

3.0.13 2019-01-22 11:49 UTC


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Incredibly powerful, efficient, unlimited number of rows, queues based Excel importer dependency for Laravel Enso.

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  • allows the import of big files with the number of rows only limited by the xlsx file format, by splitting the data in chunks and handling them on multiple queues
  • uses JSON templates to configure xlsx file imports into the application, with minimum custom logic
  • import types are defined in the package configuration
  • each import type can be validated against required columns, sheets, data types and more
  • the Laravel validation is utilized for maximum reuse of existing mechanisms while custom validators can be added when necessary
  • an example import type is included by default in the package
  • uses Spout for reading the xlsx file
  • uses Laravel's queueing system and its auto-balancing features for efficient asynchronous, parallel processing
  • blocking file structure validation
  • non blocking file contents validation
  • content import issues are made available in the rejected rows summary, a downloadable xlsx file with the same structure as the import file, with an extra column (on each sheet) that will describe all the validation errors for each row
  • features real time import progress reporting in the UI
  • before and after hooks which are available during the importing process
  • comes with an utility ExcelSeeder class, that can be used to seed your tables using data from excel files

Configuration & Usage

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This package is released under the MIT license.