Provide a sitemap (.xml) for your Bolt 5 site

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1.3.0 2022-06-09 10:03 UTC

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Last update: 2022-09-09 10:46:50 UTC


Author: Bob den Otter

This Bolt extension can be used to add a sitemap.xml to your site..


composer require bobdenotter/sitemap

.. and, you're good to go! Visit /sitemap.xml on your site, and you should see the result!

Warning: To generate the correct new links to contenttypes using overrides in routes.yaml, update your ContentType definition by setting e.g. record_route: pagebinding. Otherwise, the sitemap will still show Bolt's default routes.

The part below is only for developing the extension. Not required for general usage of the extension in your Bolt Project.

Running PHPStan and Easy Codings Standard

First, make sure dependencies are installed:

COMPOSER_MEMORY_LIMIT=-1 composer update

And then run ECS:

vendor/bin/ecs check src --fix