WebAuthn Provider for TYPO3 Multi Factor Authentication

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1.2.2 2023-07-05 11:54 UTC

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Last update: 2023-11-05 12:46:06 UTC


This TYPO3 extension integrates into the experimental TYPO3 v11.1 Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) API, adding authenticators using the WebAuthn standard. It provides support for FIDO2/U2F Hardware tokens and Internal Authenticators (e.g. Android Screenlock or Windows hello) as second factor during authentication.

This is extensions is provided as a demo and as not intended to stay. It is planned to integrate WebAuthn support into core in future TYPO3 releases. This extension will be marked abandoned, once that is done.


composer require bnf/mfa-webauthn

Prerequisites and Limitations

The WebAuthn API has some design-driven limitations. Authentication is reserved for secure environments in order to prevent spoofing of credentials, and therefore a WebAuthn credential is additonally bound to a domain.

This puts the following limitations on usages of this provider:

  • Requires HTTPS or a localhost environment (therefore use http://{myproject}.localhost as local development URL)
  • Works only for one domain, multi domain sites need to have TYPO3 backend redirected to exactly one domain, or should use alternative MFA MFA providers.

Alternative Extensions

If the restriction to one backend domain is too limiting, consider using mfa_yubikey or mfa_hotp instead. Note, both providers are less secure than webauthn, as the user can be spoofed with a faked domain name, but they are more flexible and both allow to use hardware tokens with a multi domain setup. (mfa_hotp is intended for software HOTP authenticators, but the HOTP secret can also be burned to cheap HOTP hardware tokens.)