Convert a pdf to an image with Imagick extension. Forked from spatie/pdf-to-image

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This package provides an easy to work with class to convert pdf's to images.


You should have Imagick and Ghostscript installed.


The package can be installed via composer:

$ composer require bnbwebexpertise/pdf-to-image


Converting a pdf to an image is easy.

$pdf = new Bnb\PdfToImage\Pdf($pathToPdf);

If the path you pass to saveImage has the extensions jpg, jpeg, or png the image will be saved in that format. Otherwise the output will be a jpg.

Other methods

You can get the total number of pages in the pdf:

$pdf->getNumberOfPages(); //returns an int

By default the first page of the pdf will be rendered. If you want to render another page you can do so:

    ->saveImage($pathToWhereImageShouldBeStored); //saves the second page

You can override the output format:

    ->saveImage($pathToWhereImageShouldBeStored); //the output wil be a png, no matter what

You can configure custom settings (where page is the page number) :

$beforeImageReadSettings = function (\Imagick $imagick, $page) {

    return $imagick;

$beforeImageWriteSettings = function (\Imagick $imagick, $page) {
    $imagick->resizeImage(1024, 1024, \Imagick::FILTER_LANCZOS, 0, true);

    return $imagick;

$pdf = new Pdf($this->testFile, $beforeImageReadSettings, $beforeImageWriteSettings)
    ->saveImage($pathToWhereImageShouldBeStored); //the output will be resized to a grayscale image with a best-fit dimension of 1024x1024

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